Flange Manufacturer

SANLIN Machinery & Piping Components Co., Ltd. is a China-based flange manufacturer who is certified by ISO 9001 and the German TUV-PED/97/23. Our company offers premium flanges in carbon steel or nickel-base alloys. We can also craft flanges from normal, duplex, or super-duplex stainless steel. These flanges are available in specifications such as blind, spectacle blind, slip on, plate weld, socket weld, threaded pipe, weld neck pipe, and long welding neck.

We offer 6m connective flanges for specialized wind-power electric towers. Additionally, we supply large-format ring forgings with a diameter specification of 6m. These products are primarily utilized in power stations, ship construction, and the extraction of oils or natural gases.

Address: NO.33 Dongsheng Road, Chengjiang Town, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu, China.
Post code: 214437
Telephone: +86-510-86995530
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