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Our plate weld flange has the FF or RF sealing face. It is made of high grade carbon steel, high-temperature steel, and other steel materials, so it shows good performances in the glossiness, pressure resistant ability, yield strength, acid and alkali resistance. This product has simple production process and low production cost. It can be customized upon request of customer about the specification, product standard, and quantity. For a record, due to the ordinary mechanical rigidity, the plate weld flange is rarely used onto the conveyance pipeline of chemical media that are combustive, explosive or air-isolated.

Technical Parameters
Nominal diameter 3/8"~60" (DN10~DN1500)
Nominal pressure CLASS150~CLASS2500 (US)
PN6~PN100 (EU)
Production standard GB/T9112-2000
HG/T20592-2009 HG/T20614-2009
DIN2573 DIN2576
BS1560-3.1-1989 BS4504-3.1-1989
JIS B2220-2004

Structural Diagram

We are a professional PL /plate weld flange manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide a wide range of products, including LWN / long welding neck flange, spectacle blind flange, SO / slip on flange, and more.

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