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Our spectacle blind flange has high tensile strength, good sealing property, long service life, and strong resistant ability against pressing, twisting, and shearing. We can adopt the carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, or other high quality steel materials to make it upon request of customer. Please choose the right material according to the hydraulic pressure and fluid media of your pipeline.

The spectacle blind flange is a pipe fitting used to connect two big inner diameter pipes. Its structure usually consists of the two flange pieces of which one is hubbed but the other is blind, and the two flange pieces are bound with each other via some fasteners. Figuratively, it looks exactly like the Arabic numeral 8 with the upper half is not hollow. This structure is designed for the convenient maintenance of pipeline. E.g. when the liquid is getting through the pipeline, the user can shut or open the flow by turn this pipe fitting easily.

Technical Parameters
Nominal diameter 1/2"~24" (DN15~DN600)
Nominal pressure CLASS150~CLASS2500 (US)
PN6~PN100 (EU)
Production standard ASME B16.48-2005

Structural Diagram

As an experienced spectacle blind flange manufacturer and supplier in China, we also offer SO / slip on flange, SW / socket weld flange, WN / weld neck pipe flange, LWN / long welding neck flange, and more.

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