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The Differences between Forged Flange and Cast Flange
The cast flange has the advantages, including the high machining preciseness, complex appearance, simple machining process, and low machining cost, but the obvious disadvantages, such as the apertures, cracks and impurity, as well as the poor seamline inside. For example, the cutting flange has the poorest seamline.

The Differences between SO Flange and SW Flange
The SW flange is similar with the blind flange with a holed socket in the center. It applies to the high temperature pipe with small inner diameter. Generally speaking, it is not applicable for the high pressure pipe, because the necessary flaw detection can not be finished well.

The Differences between SO Flange and WN Flange
The WN flange has the same wall thickness and inner diameter with the pipe that is going to be welded. It is suitable for butt welding which means the seam is required to be welded both outside and inside. The butting welding can scatter the stress inside the flange, and lower the risk of cracking, but cost more labor and welding solders.

The Characteristics and Applications of Various Flanges

The flanges can be classified into the PL, WN, TH, SW, SE types.

PL flange applies to the carbon steel pipeline with nominal pressure no more than 2.5MPa. Its sealing face could be FF, MF and TG styles. The FF is most popular and economical to be used in the pipeline of soft fluid media, such like the low pressure non-purified air and low pressure cycling water.

The Differences among Flange, Flanged Pipe Fitting, and Flanged Joint

Flange refers to the pipe joint with a number of bolt holes. Fixed or welded onto the end of pipe, it works in pair and can be coupled by the bolts, so as to connect the two pipes together.

Flanged pipe fittings could be formed by casting, thread connecting, or welding.

The Pole Stainless Steel Flange Plays in Pipeline Engineering
The stainless steel threaded flange mainly applies to the pipeline with the hydraulic pressure no more than 4kg, and the stainless steel welded flange is for the pipeline with more than 4kg hydraulic pressure.

The Production Standard of WN Flange
The WN flange made of forgeable piece should comply with the following production standards.
1. The forgeable piece with the nominal pressure from 0.25MP to 1.0MPa made of carbon steel or austenite stainless steel should comply with the JB4726-4728â… degree forgeable piece standard.

The Production Details of Carbon Steel Flange

The carbon steel flange applies to the water conveyance engineering, power plant and station, pipeline system, chemical industry, etc.

The production steps in chronological order are raw material feeding, pretreatment, mixing, thermal forging, heat treatment, inspection, metallic machining, finished flange inspection, mark, character impression, delivery.